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Honeywell HE360A Reviews Products

During the cold winter months,the average house can reach low humidity levels of 15-25% versus the recommended levels of 35-45%. While you might not notice it initially, over time low humidity can have negative impacts on your health and on the condition of your home. Your skin will grow very dry and cracked while your home will also dry out and experience more wear and tear than normal by peeling, warping or cracking.

A whole house humidifier is one of the best solutions available to get your home humidity levels back up to the suggested percentage. The Honeywell HE360A Whole house humidifier is one of the most popular units to get the job done in many homes.

  • Honeywell is a fairly well-respected company in the HVAC business and has been in operation for years producing several well-reviewed units during this time.
  • This particular unit is good for well insulated homes up to 4,200 sq. ft. with 8 ft. ceilings but it can also work for insulated, drafty homes up to 1,900 sq. ft. with 8 ft. ceilings.
  • It’s good for those who are looking to reduce electricity usage and do not mind higher water usage in exchange.

"If you were to invest in this whole house humidifier, what could you expect from it, both good and bad?"

Whole house humidifiers can make the job of increasing your home humidity levels much easier. This Honeywell unit seems up to the task for most homes, although anyone whose home is not insulated or is poorly insulated might not get the kind of use they want out of this machine.

Additionally, if you don’t have much DIY knowledge about electrics, the faulty electronics that sometimes come in these units might give you too much trouble. The parts needed are easy to replace if you know even a little bit about electrical installations. If it’s within the 1 year warranty you can get a new unit without charge so if this snag does arise you can get it fixed easily without having to do it on your own.

This is a great choice for a mid-range whole house humidifier unit and it should last for years without any flare-up if you install it properly and keep the filter sponge maintained when necessary.

Out of the 90 reviews this humidifier has gotten on, the large majority are positive ratings. It holds a 4.5/5 star overall average.

Here’s a summary of what the main comment themes were regarding the Honeywell whole house humidifier:

Firstly, a large number of reviewers spoke about how easy it was to install the unit. Although some mentioned that it is not a beginner level DIY project, this depends a lot on your specific house setup. Some houses make this an easier installation than others based on where the water connections are, how close the electrical sockets are and what type of ducts are in the house. It is a simple job that the majority of reviewers said they managed to do by themselves.

The biggest negative that was consistently mentioned was that the electrical functions of this device can be faulty. This seems to be due to low quality components, specifically the transformer, pressure switch, and sometimes the circuit board. If you have any knowledge of electrical installations these are all easy fixes you can complete by yourself or else you can get the warranty to cover them if they fail within 1 year of your purchase. These problems can be a bit frustrating if you want something that you just have to install and leave alone.

Another comment made by many is that the water usage on this unit is a bit higher than they would have liked. It generally goes through about 15 gallons per day from either your hot or cold water pipe, whichever you decide to hook up to the system. Some people rigged up simple water pump systems to recycle the water and eliminate wasted water drainage. You can do this too by making a simple drum to catch any drainage water with a small pump and then transfer the water back up to the intake pipe.

Many people suggested hooking this system up to the hot water pipe rather than the cold water pipe. This is said to lower the water usage of the system as well as making it more efficient so it will not use as much electricity or water.

For anyone planning to install this unit themselves, it’s helpful to know that it only juts out about ½ - ¾ inch into the ductwork itself. You can place this near your AC coils or anything else that is working your ducts without much of an issue with the space it takes up.

The pros and cons listed here are fairly consistent with any of this type of unit that has been purchased:



  • DIY installation process
  • High efficiency power usage
  • Built-in humidistat turns the appliance on and off as needed
  • 1 year warranty
  • Small in-duct size


  • Faulty electronics are installed on some units
  • Higher than average water usage when running
  • Poor customer service


Home humidity levels can easily be maintained with a whole house humidifying system such as the Honeywell HE360A unit. It’s capable of increasing humidity levels in many homes and is a great machine for the average home owner to install and use.

Kiss your dry skin and splintering hardwood floors goodbye when you order the Honeywell HE360A whole house humidifier system from today!


    1. You might be able to get an updated warranty if you contact honeywell directly. It’s very likely they have information like the serial number of your device on file.

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