The 6 Best Tower Fans Buying Guide

The 6 Best Tower Fans [Buying Guide]

Do you really need a tower fan? We think so: Summertime is more than pool parties, fun at the beach, floating the river, and backyard barbecues. It can often be a lot of absolute, downright misery. Some forget just how sticky and hot summer can be: possibly because of the sheer extreme between summer and winter; possibly because of the length of winter and the time it takes to get back.

At first, it’s just fun and games. See, we ease into summer each year. It goes from cool, with the warm sun biting gently into your skin, to warm, to hot-enough to need ice cream to cool down, to finally so hot that ice cream makes a person sick to their stomachs. That, friends, is just wrong.

When it’s hot, it’s safe to say that a lot of people get very grumpy, very quickly. To appease the masses, and to save a bit on cooling expenses associated with air conditioning prices, a fan is an excellent go-to. Tower fans are great because they tend to cool large spaces, oscillate the air in an upward manner, and will cool even the most hot-headed of tempers.

Here is a quick table so you can quickly check out the products within this list. To get a feel for why they’re on the list, as well as the full skinny on which is the best fit for you, read the full buyer’s guide below.

​Buyers Guide: What to Know First About HEPA, Fans, and Air Multipliers

So you’re considering buying a fan--firstly, knowing the benefits of a tower fan is paramount to being confident in your purchase. They are far more cost-effective than an air conditioning unit, and also portable, so you can take the machine with you from your home to your office for the day, and then back, with ease.

Now, traditional fans--the ones we know from childhood and love to speak into in order to change our voices to sound more like a character from a space film--have blades which chop through the air, pushing it, turning it, and blowing it around your space in order to provide your cooldown. The new generation of tower fans, air multipliers, don’t quite work this way.

What Is A Tower Fan?

When comparing a tower fan to, say, a box fan, you’re hands-down getting a better deal. While box fans are often less expensive, tower fans tend to be safer to use around children and pets since they tend to have left the days of using blades behind. They also utilize oscillation technology, whereas box fans are truly only able to blow air in one direction.

The first thing to know about buying a tower fan, or any fan at all is that although their purpose is to cool down a room, they are going to circulate the air in a room, move it, and oscillate. The act of using energy to do so is going to drive the temperature up just a tiny amount. In order to truly cool a room, as an AC unit does, requires actively removing the hot air itself.

Another alternative is an evaporative cooler, which combines a typical fan with a small amount of moisture to create a cooling effect. While evaporative coolers are powerful, they are not very useful in areas where your home already might exceed the ideal indoor humidity level.

Features to Look For in a Tower Fan

Air Multipliers, like the Dyson listed below, eliminate the “choppiness” you get when using a fan with blades. It creates more of a breeze, or wind, effect, by actually “multiplying” the air it takes in. In this instance, by fifteen times the amount of air it takes in. However, just because it may look like it, these tower fans are not always going to be eliminating your allergies or asthma.

If allergies or asthma are serious issues for you or someone in your household, you might consider watching for something that will say “Certified Allergy and Asthma Friendly,” like the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool, which is also a HEPA air filter along with a Space Heater and Tower Fan. This will eliminate mold spores, pollen, and allergens like dust, and pet dander, as well.

Take note to watch for available settings, as these can vary greatly from fan to fan. You might also want to pay attention to overall value and options for the associated price. Look for features and accessories that matter to you.

Honeywell Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan

This fan is a winner for several reasons, but we like it because it’s easy to use, nice and quiet, and cools down your entire room. If you can’t find the remote, it’s simple to send your kid over to the tower fan and they will be able to easily assess which button to press in order to execute the order you’ve given them. This is because the buttons feature easily-identifiable and easily-describable pictures on their fronts.  It’s no surprise to see such a great fan from Honeywell, as you probably already know, we are a big fan of their of their cool mist humidifier.

​You are going to be able to choose between eight sound and speed settings with the Honeywell Quietset: Sleep, Whisper, Calm, Whitenoise, Relax, Refresh, Cool, Powercool. You can do so with the buttons on the machine, or with a provided remote control which stores easily in the back of the machine during the winter.

The Honeywell also offers a nice nighttime light feature with five different light settings. Speaking of nighttime, it also has an option for sleep shutoff after 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. No forgetting to shut it off, or freezing through the night because let’s face it, who wants to get out of a nice, warm bed to treacher across a cold, breezy room?


  • ​Buttons on the machine give the option in case remote is lost
  • ​Light for nighttime dims to five levels
  • ​Quiet!
  • ​Eight speed settings
  • ​Oscillates
  • ​Remote Control


  • ​Only a six-foot cord
  • ​Oscillates on only a single speed
Dyson Pure Hot + Cool

For a truly versatile tower fan you can use year-round to cool you down in the thick of summer or warm you up in the bitter cold, the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Space Heater and Fan is your go-to. Not only does it pump 77 gallons of air per second through its bladeless, smooth frame, but it’s also Certified Allergy and Asthma Friendly.

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool tower fan and space heater doubles--well, does it triple in this case? As a HEPA air purifier when you need it. All you need to do is flip on the backward airflow mode and this bad boy will capture 99.97% of allergens down to 0.3 microns. This will give you peace of mind as you eliminate those mold spores, danders, dust particles, and pollen floating in your airspace.

In jet-focus mode, your heater or fan will shoot a jetstream of focused air long-distance across your space--or switch it to diffused mode to allow for an evenly and widely distributed swathe of air across a broader space. It will also oscillate up to 360º, circulating your air wherever you truly need it. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is absolutely a rockstar among its peers!


  • ​Versatility
  • ​Remote Control
  • ​Large Room Capability
  • ​Captures allergens, and even gases
  • ​Cools and Heats


  • ​No Sleep Timer
  • ​No Auto Mode
Ozeri Ultra Wind 42” Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan

This son of a gun is a prize of modern ingenuity. Equipped with a multi-colored LCD screen that displays the tower fan’s settings, as well as the room’s temperature, it screams modernity. The overall design will really complement your living space as well. The LCD screen has a light-dimming mode, so it won’t blind you in the dark, as well.

Ahhh, speed settings. It has three of them, pre-programmable and a 12-hour timer which can be set to shut down in one-hour increments. Feel like ten hours from now you’ll need to shut the fan off, but won’t feel like getting up? No problem. Does four hours from now sound better? Sure. And all of this can be done from the remote provided with the Ozeri Ultra Wind Tower Fan itself. Or…

Sometimes we lose remotes. I mean, we’re only human! When we lose a special remote, like the remote that comes with a tower fan, we can really be in deep trouble. Ozeri has eliminated this headache by designing it to work in conjunction with your iPhone or Android device. Download the App, and you’ll be able to use your phone to control your tower fan from anywhere in the house. Multiple phones? Multiple remotes! Thank you, Ozeri!


  • ​Sleep Timer
  • ​iOS and Android App
  • ​Modern Look
  • ​LCD Screen
  • ​Light Dimmer
  • ​Quiet Functionality
  • ​90 Degree Oscillation


  • ​Three Speed Options
Lasko 48” Xtra Air Tower Fan with Remote Control

This great fan from Lasko is designed to save space while being super effective at cooling your room. So you feel its effects, but it doesn’t improse otherwise, which is fantastic.

It has some great features, like a fresh air ionizer to help you improve your indoor air quality and filtration, and who doesn’t want to freshen up their house after it’s beeen unaired during the day?

It comes with 4 different fan speeds that are nice and quiet, so you get that comfort without having to worry about the noise that you get with some fans.

The way that it oscillates give you widespread coverage so it really cools the room quickly, which is fantastic if you have just come in and the room has been building up heat all day, because who can relax in a hot sweaty room? This fan really does give you great coverage for the room witht hat 180 degree oscillation.


  • ​Saves Space
  • ​180 Degree Oscillation
  • ​Quiet
  • ​Built In Fresh Air Ionizer
  • ​Four Speed Options


  • ​No Sleep Timer
Vornado 143 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator Fan, 29

Some days you really just need a mini tornado to cool that room down and blow away the staleness in the air, and this tower fan is aptly name.

It comes with Vornado’s signature V-Flow Technology that helps the air to circulate around the whole room, and this is done by a unique crosscut outlet that means you don’t get that wobbly oscillation problem you get with some fans.

This beast of a fan can push that air up to 60 feet, so there isn’t going to be anywhere in the room that you don’t feel the benefit of that air being circulated.

You get 3 speed settings and a remote control, and the fan also comes with a convenient energy saving timer that givees you the option of 1,2, 4 and 8 hour intervals.

A powerful fan with a lot of great features, from a very trusted company. If you want a super cool room, whether you have a small or a large space, this fan is going to meet your needs.


  • ​Sleep Timer
  • ​Remote Control
  • ​60 Foot Range


  • ​3 Speed Settings
Bionaire BTF4011AR-BU Tower Fan, 40”

The Bionaire BTF4011-AR-BU  has a remote control with a great range so you can control it from anywhere easily.

It is another fan that has taken into consideration that you want the airflow without necessarily wanting a huge lumbering monstrosity taking up space in your room. It is a sleek elegant design that also has a simple, easy to read display panel that is top mounted for easy access.

It has 5 speed setting with a sleep mode for when you want it a little quieter, and breeze mode when perhaps don’t want the air blasting through the room.

Its wider design is built for larger winds, and this means it can get the whole space cooler in a shorter amount of time. It does this with a unique wide area oscillation couple with slope flow technology to really help move that air around.

This fan is great for anyone that is looking for a natural feeling breeze, and a fan that can reach further than most with its wide oscillation. It enhances the air circulation which is aother thing that makes it stand out from your standard tower fans. All in all, a very powerful fan and a great choice for your space.


  • ​5 Speed Settings
  • ​Enhanced Air Circulation
  • ​Natural Feeling Breeze Modes
  • ​Sleep Mode
  • ​Remote Control


  • ​Quietness

​How To Clean a Tower Fan

Cleaning a tower fan is really quite simple. You want to make sure you do routine cleanings of your fan to provide your fan with a long life, but also to keep it running smoothly and properly as well. Here are some basic steps for cleaning your tower fan.

  • ​Turn off the fan and unplug the fan for safety
  • ​Use either a vaccuum extension with a brush or a dusting brush to clean the grill and remove dust and debris.
  • ​Use compressed air and blow it into the vent in order to dislodge any dust, dirt, or debris that may be in there. Go over the entire vent from top to bottom.
  • ​Remove the casing from the front of the fan and spray compressed air into the blades to clear of dust or debris.
  • ​Use a vacuum to brush and vacuum loose dust from the interior of the fan.
  • ​Put the fan back together and immediately turn the fan on. It may blow out some debris that was loosened while cleaning.

It is recommended that you clean your fan 2-3 times a year for the best results, but at least once a year at a minimum.


If you can’t beat the summer heat because the pools are packed and you have to be home, you need to beef-up your air-conditioning unit that just isn’t cutting it in the triple-digit weather, then a tower fan is your best choice to keep your air moving and creating a breeze to cool you down enough to survive until the sun sets once again.

All of the above fans offer an oscillation range of between seventy- and 360 degrees, which means that you shouldn’t need to settle for a fan that sits stationary. Sometimes it’s nice to hog that fan all to yourself, and we won’t judge! But when you’re cooking up dinner in the kitchen and you’re moving around, or if you have company, it’s best to share the wealth!

The sleep timers are an excellent bonus for saving money and energy, as well. You just don’t get these with bladed fans! Nor did you ever get lights or LCD displays. Any fan with a sleep timer is a great option for a bedroom! Choose one that fits your space well. The sleep timer allows you to operate the fan with a mode that will turn off or on according to your set time.

Not only do they produce more air, offer energy-efficient savings, money savings, and cool us down much more satisfactorily, they also simply look cooler! If you’re in the market for a new tower fan--maybe you are looking to add another fan to your fleet, or you want to add to your air conditioning unit’s chill factor--here is your go-to list to find the best tower fan!

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