The Best Crawl Space Fan

The Best Crawl Space Fan

Those dark, dank crawl space areas in our home are the last place we want to be. We pay no attention to that area because it’s simply not very welcoming. But should we be paying attention to the crawl space? These crawl spaces tend to build and hold moisture, which could have negative effects overall on your home. Grab a best crawl space fan from this page and solve this problem fast!

What Is a Crawl Space?

Not every home has a crawl space so how do you know if yours does? Crawlspaces are typically found in homes that do not have a basement. The home is slightly elevated from the ground and the space between the foundation of the home and the ground is known as a crawl space. The space is only large enough to crawl through and typically houses plumbing, ductwork, and other housing necessities.

The purpose of the crawl space is to help reduce moisture within the home. Crawlspace areas are most common in locations that experience warm, humid weather and are most likely to have a moisture accumulation. Homes that do not have full basements, may have crawl spaces underneath the area that does not have a basement.

Summary & Comparison Table

As you read through the information, we want to provide you a reference table for the best crawl space fans we will mention in this article. We will share with you all the relative information and you can return to this table at any time to reference or compare crawl space fan reviews.

​Best Crawl Space Fan

​Our Ranking

​CFM (cubic ft/min)




Editor's Choice

​220 CFM



​220 CFM



​120 CFM

​3.6 watt


2,000 CFM



​110 CFM


​Why Does My Crawl Space Need a Fan?

Building codes now require crawl spaces to have specific ventilation requirements, but sometimes basic ventilation is just not enough. Proper airflow is absolutely necessary to keep the area dry. If the crawlspace accumulates moisture, it could cause flooring, floor joists, and support beams to begin to rot.

When any of these supporting items begin to rot, it can seriously jeopardize the foundation of your home. The best way to prevent rot is to make sure the crawl space area is fully vented, install a crawl space dehumidifier, but also to invest in a top-rated crawl space fan to help reduce moisture levels and maintain the air quality in your crawl space.

There are multiple things you can do to prevent extra moisture from running into your crawlspace, such as making sure that drainage around your home is not pushing moisture back towards your home that will end up in your crawl space. The minor things you can do around your home help keep excess moisture from coming into your crawlspace.

There is also the matter of natural moisture, especially in high humidity areas. crawl space humidifiers and fans can help reduce moisture that naturally accumulates in your crawlspace. These units are a great proactive way to protect your home and its foundation.

Reviews – The 5 Best crawl space Fans

Tjernlund V2D UnderAire Crawlspace Fan

The Tjernlund V2D UnderAire crawl space unit effectively operates on 40-watts at 220 CFM. This crawl space fan unit is equipped with a humidistat that will turn the fan off as needed, as well as a thermostat for temperature control. This crawl space unit actively works to prevent mold, mildew, and excess moisture in your crawlspace area.


  • ​Dehumidistat allows the unit to operate and shut-off automatically as needed
  • ​This is a dual-fan unit which allows for optimal ventilation
  • ​Tjernlund UnderAire is available in 3 different models to fit your needs
  • ​The dual fans can be positioned to run in opposite directions.
  • ​Operates quietly and efficiently


  • ​Automatic shut off for freezing temps is not fully accurate, does not always shut off
  • ​Must be mounted securely to eliminate extra noise from the unit
Durablow MFB M2D

The Durablow MFB M2D is a dual fan crawl space ventilator unit that operates on 42-watts at 220 CFM. The unit is a T304 stainless steel unit comprised mostly of iron components, but also contains some chromium and nickel in the framework. The power cord is exceptionally long to provide convenience, so you can install the unit where you want and have plenty of cord to work with.


  • ​Lightweight unit, easy to install with a 6.5’ cord
  • ​The chromium finish on the unit makes the overall unit corrosion-resistant
  • ​Works best for crawl spaces approximately 1,500 square feet or smaller. It is possible to utilize more than one crawlspace fan for larger areas
  • ​Built-in humidistat and temperature control for automatic shut-off when needed
  • ​Mid-range priced unit


  • ​This fan works effectively but does not last long. The unit may have to be replaced in 1-3 years.
  • ​This crawlspace fan operates at a slightly noisy volume
  • ​Does not include operating instructions for installation or operational guidance
AC Infinity AirTitan T3 Ventilator Fan

The AC Infinity AirTitan unit is a sleekly designed unit that has a modern appeal. The unit it digitalized and eco-friendly. This is a small unit that operates on only 3.6 watts at 120 CFM. This unit has a heavy-duty aluminum frame to protect it from the elements and provide long-lasting use. The AirTitan T3 is easily programmable and the airflow levels can be adjusted as needed.


  • ​AC Infinity AirTitan is available in 4 models, in varying sizes so you can select which will work best for your needs
  • ​Operates quietly and efficiently
  • ​The unit comes with a digital controller that you can mount anywhere in the home
  • ​Comes with all installation and use needs, including a manual
  • ​A very affordable option of a high-quality crawl space fan


  • ​A small unit, so you may need more than 1 or may need to upgrade for the optimal utilization
  • ​Since the power cord is a probing cord, it could stand to be longer for most effective use
  • ​The cords for the thermostat are very noticeable when installed. It is not ideal for an open wall space area.
MaxxAir HVHF Heavy Duty Cylinder Fan

The heavy-duty MaxxAir HVHF is ideally designed for tight spaces, such as a crawl space. This fan is connected to a hose and does not require installation. The hose attachment is a 20-foot 2-ply hose that has support coils to keep it open and standing. While this fan is heavy duty and has a large hose, it is easy to use and easy to pack up and port to another area if needed. The fan can be used either as a blower or an exhaust fan.


  • ​No installation needed, this is a portable fan with a large duct-type hose attachment
  • ​The hose is made of durable materials and comes with hanger rings and straps
  • ​The fan can be used for intake or exhaust, making it extremely versatile
  • ​OSHA compliant fan
  • ​Utility unit designed to take on the toughest jobs, but suitable for a multitude of needs


  • ​A somewhat large heavy-duty fan that could be cumbersome
  • ​Utility fan that operates loudly
  • ​A higher priced unit, but versatile and high-quality product
Lomanco 9800530 PCV1 Crawl Space Fan

The Lomanco 9800530 crawl space fan is a single fan set into a high-quality plastic unit. This unit operates at approximately 110 CFM, but the wattage is undisclosed. This crawl space fan can effectively ventilate an area of about 1,650 square feet.


  • ​Equipped with humidistat and thermostat so that the unit can automatically shut off at certain humidity levels or temperatures
  • ​Effectively ventilates a large area of approximately 1,650 square feet
  • ​Operates with only a quiet humming sound
  • ​This fan is a lasting quality fan with a 1-year warranty
  • ​Affordable price range with a great quality product


  • ​This fan is made of heavy-duty plastic material but seems to be sturdy and well-made
  • ​The thermostat is not adjustable to your preferences, it has a pre-set temperature that cannot be changed
  • ​The cord is not very long and may require an extension cord or well-planned placement

​How Many or How Large of a Fan Do I Need?

Fans come in multiple sizes with multiple settings. How many you need can vary based on the fan you choose to purchase. Some of the crawl space fans are industrial grade fans meant to work as needed for quick results in a large area, while some are meant to be installed and let to work as needed on a continual basis.

The larger the square footage of your crawl space, the larger fan or higher number of fans you will need. Most crawlspace fans suggest they can cover an area of approximately 1,500 square feet. If you have a large crawl space or want maximum efficiency, you should consider installing more than one fan at another location within the crawl space.

If you are unfamiliar with the needs of your crawl space and have never tried operating with a crawl space fan, start by trying a simple model like the AC Infinity AirTitan. This model boasted simple and easy to use with a digital thermostat and was a highly affordable model. Start with one fan and see how efficiently it works before purchasing more fans if you are not sure what you need.


​Crawl space fans are used to properly ventilate and provide airflow into a crawlspace so that the moisture does not build up leaving your crawl space damp and prone to mold or rotting and corrosion. Essential functions of your home, such as plumbing or ductwork, often run through the crawlspace and they can be negatively affected by the moisture within.

The humidity levels that filter into the crawl space could directly affect your foundation if not properly cared for. Most crawl space fans are designed with a feature that will automatically turn them off at certain humidity levels or temperatures so that the fan is not blowing more moisture into the crawlspace area.

​The crawl space is often a forgotten part of a home, but if left unchecked your home could be prone to mildew and mold spores that you are not even considering. The air quality of your home could be directly related to the crawl space as it is one of the main components of the foundation of your home. Beyond that, you want to take the utmost care of the area as the joists and beams that are the foundation of your home are within that area and they could suffer from rotting that will leave your home unstable. This could lead to costly repairs that will have to be made to the foundation.

​Aside from checking out crawl space fans, you should also consider the drainage properties of your home that could be pouring moisture back into the crawlspace. Consider dripping from an air-conditioner unit, placement of guttering, the slope of the grounds surrounding your home. Each of these things could have an impact on whether your crawl space is holding excessive moisture that you want to avoid.

​Crawlspace fans are a great tools that require minor installation if any. They regulate the crawl space without you having to monitor them. Let crawlspace fans do the hard work for you so you don’t have to worry about your home!

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