The Best Whole House Fans

The Best Whole House Fan [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Air conditioning can certainly get expensive in the summer time, and that's where the best whole house fan come into play. Many of us dread opening that electric bill to see the damage of running constant air conditioning just to keep our home at a comfortable temperature. Many states and locations do not even utilize air conditioning and therefore need alternative options for cooling their homes in those warm days or nights.

What is a Whole House Fan?

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I know what you’re thinking, is this just a huge fan that will be noisy and not really circulate through the whole home? On the contrary, these fans are typically installed through your roof and attic and they exchange cool, outside air for the stale air in your home.

A whole house fan is designed to be energy efficient and offer an alternative method to circulate cooler, fresher air throughout your home. Whole house fans are most ideal in mornings and evenings when the air is cooler. Open your windows and let the whole house fan circulate fresh cool air to cool down your home.

Whole house fans can fully circulate the air in your home approximately 15-20 times per hour. If the system is run consistently at nighttime, it will effectively be able to move all of the mass amounts of hot air outside of your home. The next day, your home will be able to remain cool throughout the day because all of the hot air was completely removed from your home.

Whole house fans are considered alternatives to air conditioners as well as evaporative air coolers, though of course the mechanism by which they cool your house is very different.

Summary Table

As you progress through this article and process all of the information associated with these best whole house fan reviews, you can return to this table. Use the information in this table as a quick reference and comparison tool to see the main component differences of each unit and to find a quick-link for purchasing when you’re ready.

​Whole Home Fan

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​Square Footage

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​2,280 CFM



​711 CFM



​5,400 CFM



3,068 CFM



​3,560 CFM



​2,425 CFM



​1,000 CFM


​Reviews – The 7 Best Whole House Fans

We’ve narrowed down the reviews to the 7 best whole house fans on the market. We’ve chosen a variety of designs, styles, and installation types. These fans have a vast range of prices depending on the specs and type of unit, but they also offer a variety of coverage options to best fit your budget and your needs.

best whole house fan review QuietCool QC CL-2250

The QuietCool QC 2250 whole house fan has been rated as the best overall whole house fan. This unit effectively cools an area of approximately 1,100 square feet. The QuietCool unit has a unique built-in duct system that helps the unit operate quietly and efficiently, also providing ventilation.


  • ​More energy efficient than traditional whole house fans
  • ​Comes with ductwork for quiet operation
  • ​10-year warranty
  • ​Fan and duct damper system in one unit, no separate installation
  • ​Available in various models that work for various sized areas
  • ​An effective product that cools at least 1,100 square feet, but could easily exceed that area if used properly


  • ​These systems can be on the expensive side, but are effective and will save money on your electric bill
  • ​The warranty if used could have extra charges associated
Vortex 711 S-800

This Vortex S-800 whole house fan operates at 711 CFM. This fan is an inline, modern design that looks nice and gets the job done. The casing of the fan is double-walled and insulated to help the unit operate quietly. The design of the unit makes it easy to clean and maintain.


  • ​Sleek, modern design in an easy to maintain casing
  • ​Double insulated wall to help reduce noise levels
  • ​Does not require duct connection
  • ​Comes with the necessary mounting bracket for installation
  • ​10-year manufacturer warranty


  • ​Despite the double wall, this fan can be fairly loud
  • ​Does not appear to cool a very large area, however, information is unclear exactly how much area it is recommended to cover
Cool Attic CX30BD2SPD 30-Inch

This Cool Attic 30-inch whole house fan is a shuttered style heavy-duty fan. This unit can effectively cool an approximate 2,000 square foot area quickly and efficiently. The fan can operate on two separate speeds. The highest speed could potentially cool 3,000 square feet. This unit is installed much like an attic fan and works in a similar manner.


  • ​A powerful, heavy-duty fan that efficiently cools average and large homes
  • ​The fan cycles the hot air out at a phenomenal pace to cool the home very quickly.
  • ​Runs with basic fan operational sounds and is not overly noisy
  • ​A switch can be installed on the wall to switch on and off as needed
  • ​Four fan blades made of sturdy aluminum material


  • ​Requires a fairly large area for set up.
  • ​Is not recommended for homes under 1,200 square feet due to high powered operations
  • ​A heavy unit, weighing nearly 52 pounds
QuietCool QC Energy Saver 3100

The QuietCool QC Energy Saver 3100 is an extra energy efficient unit that has its own duct system for operations. This line is available in multiple models with various capacities but this model covers about 1,500 square feet. This particular unit is one of the highest rated whole house fan units on the market. The bright color of the fun is fun and the system works quite well.


  • ​One of the highest rated whole house fans on the market
  • ​A fun bright green color that looks great
  • ​Comes with a duct system for supreme ventilation and airflow
  • ​Energy saver design for maximum efficiency
  • ​Includes a remote for control of fan speeds


  • ​QuietCool customer service is subpar at best
  • ​High expense unit, but extremely effective and includes ductwork system
  • ​Comes with all necessary installation pieces, but installation can be challenging and will take time
Air King 91665 20” Window Fan

The Air King 91665 unit is a window fan unit that is designed to cool your whole home. The square foot coverage of the unit is unclear, but it cools at approximately 3,560 CFM, which is mid to high range CFM.


  • ​Available in multiple sizes to fit your needs
  • ​High-quality motor design that effectively cools not just one room but your whole home.
  • ​Fan includes a Storm Guard feature that allows the use of the fan even if the windows must be closed for inclement weather
  • ​Sturdy build and design for efficient use that lasts
  • ​OSHA compliant fan that is extremely affordable


  • ​Unit is a bit noisy during operation
  • ​The power of the fan causes it to be unbalanced, especially on the high setting
QA Deluxe 3300

The QA Deluxe 3300 has a very similar design to the QuietCool whole house fans. This unit is equipped with the duct system for optimum ventilation and maximum efficiency. If you have a two-story home, this unit is highly recommended. The QA unit is easy to install and effectively cools about 1,450 square feet.


  • ​10-year full manufacturer warranty
  • ​Quiet operation, with a stellar performance
  • ​The ductwork is made with a cloth-like material specifically designed to reduce the noise during use
  • ​Includes a remote that allows you to manage the speed of the unit
  • ​Comes with all necessary installation hardware and is simple to install


  • ​The color and style is not all that appealing to the eye, but the unit is typically installed out of sight
  • ​A more expensive unit, but high quality and comparable to other systems
Tamarack HV1000 Insulated Fan

The Tamarack Insulated Whole House Fan has a unique design that offers built-in insulation panels that can be open or closed. The insulation panels protect the fan system in the winter months when it is not in use. This simple design unit effectively cools approximately 1,000 square feet.


  • ​Can be installed vertically or horizontally, making the unit versatile
  • ​3-year limited warranty
  • ​Lightweight, sleek designed unit
  • ​Includes a switch so you can control unit operation
  • ​Can be combined with more than one unit if needed for maximum efficiency
  • ​Designed with insulated panels that open and close to protect the fan in colder temperatures


  • ​Limited square foot coverage, but you can add another unit for higher efficiency
  • ​This unit is an expensive unit in comparison to other similar units

​Where Should Whole House Fans be installed?

Most whole house fans are designed to be installed in your attic or roof area, however, there are many fans that are a versatile design. Some fans are designed to be installed into a window area, while some allow you to set them up anywhere.

Each unit is designed with varying functions that have different capabilities. Be sure to research what you need for your home and choose accordingly. Some whole house fan designs cover only small areas while some are made for much larger areas.

Most whole house fans come with any necessary hardware and instruction for installation and the majority of the fan options are easy to install properly.

How Do I Know Which Type of Whole House Fan I Need?

Take measurements of the area in which you might install your whole house fan. Consider whether you have attic space for installation or whether you might need to consider a door or window style fan instead.

It’s important to check your area and properly plan for your whole house fan prior to purchasing. What type of square footage do you intend to cool, what type of noise level are you willing or able to tolerate? All of these factors could play a substantial role in which type of whole house fan it best for you.

There is not necessarily any specific fan for any specific location, but be aware of your best options for installation and the total area you need to cool. Choose a unit that is suitable for the size of the area you are cooling.

​Summary and Conclusion

Whole house fans may not be the ultimate solution, but they are a cost-effective way to reduce air-conditioning use and bills. If you live in an area where it’s common not to have air conditioning in homes, these units are a great option for cooling your home when it does get warm outside.

Some units have limited capacity and are best used in conjunction with another unit, while other units recommend more than a certain number of square feet before you install due to the high-powered options. Some whole house fans may qualify you for an energy tax rebate.

There are three main styles of fans, including standard fan style, inline ductwork style, and door or window installation style. Each style has its own pros and cons as well as its own capabilities. Whole house fans can be noisy during operation, but some have a quieter operation than others.

Whole house fans are ultimately a great solution for efficiently cooling areas and reducing electric bills. With appropriate usage, these units are highly effective and are well worth the investment that may be required for a high-quality unit.

Here is to cooler, more comfortable home temperatures with high levels of efficiency that don’t include high electric bills! Don’t let those electricity bills get you down, jump into your whole house fan today and start seeing the temperatures drop without having to break the bank.

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