Is My House Making Me Sick?

In olden days some houses were spooked. Some were known for harboring malicious ghosts. Neighbors saw apparitions and smoky phantoms frolicking in these houses. There was a reason for labeling these houses as haunted. Nobody seemed to live in such houses and rumors abounded that the last occupants died of unnatural causes. Of course we know that there aren’t any ghosts or phantoms and they are just a figment of our fertile imagination. However, there must have been some scientific and valid reason for people to abandon their houses.

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The above musings were a result of my current predicament when I realized that something was drastically wrong with my modest dwelling. My house was making me and the family members sick. I had purchased the house two years back at a decent price and at that time I had thought that I had struck a nice bargain. But I now think that I may have been duped into buying the house.

Why is my house making me sick?

There are many reasons why you may feel sick inside your house. The surprising thing is that I felt all nice and healthy once I was out but the symptom of sickness returned as soon as I was home. That’s when I started suspecting that something was wrong with my house. Obviously it was not ghosts or restless souls of dead people roaming around silently.
My husband’s asthma went from bad to worse in these two years. As a result he had to be hospitalized thrice. My daughter, who was already allergic, had rashes all over her body. The tests for allergens like pollen were negative. I fell sick often and complained of fever and running nose.

Moisture is making you sick in your house, silly

I stumbled upon the real cause of falling sick in the house when I accidentally discussed the problem with a friend. Initially I was a bit suspicious. How can the moisture result in such a serious situation? It did not make sense to me. I was born and brought up in sunny California where moisture was never a part of discussion. Later, I came to know that moisture itself is not the culprit but the amount of it in the air. Too much or too little can result in problems. It is not necessary that you may face health issues on in your house. Your office may well be host to a zillion infections caused by moisture. There is more chance of catching infections in office because of the proximity of other colleagues. However, most offices have an efficient humidifier to control the moisture in the air. But your house is a different matter altogether. Most of us, including myself, are unaware of the best humidifiers for moisture control. As a result we suffer silently, not knowing why our house is making us sick.

Is mold making me sick in my house?

Mold on the wall – Courtesy Daria Shevtsova

I would call it a learning experience. I never knew there were specialists for locating and removing mold from our homes. I realized that some houses are more susceptible to mold than others because of their design and location. Mold grows where there is uncontrolled moisture. Mold can actually form on any surface – on old wall paper, wood and even concrete. Moreover, air-conditioned houses are likely to harbor mold because of the buildup of stale air.

Due to a combination of factors, my house became a nestling ground for mold. No doubt, all the family members were walking around like sick zombies.
Checking for mold in your house is quite simple. Signs of mold are clearly visible in the form of dampness around the ceiling and corners in the bathrooms and garage area. Sometimes you can also smell the mold. However, it is better to consult a professional in case you are feeling sick without any palpable reason. In addition to identifying the mold formation, you may get the right advice to get rid of mold.

Even the house plants make me feel sick in my house

Many people have ornamental plants inside their homes in addition to normal shrubs in the garden. Generally plants are supposed to be good because they make oxygen from carbon dioxide. Sometimes plants may cause sickness in your house because of the moisture, or more likely allergies due to pollen. One of the ways to obviate this problem would be to remove all plants but this will be like throwing the baby with the bathwater. Also, plants alone may not be the culprit. The right solution would be to maintain right humidity to alleviate allergies.

Other reasons why your house is making you sick

Mold is a major cause for sickness around your house but in addition there may be other reasons for it too. Did you know that musty bedsheets in your damp bedroom can cause havoc with your health? Mattresses are found to be the breeding ground for mites. Since mattresses are never exposed and usually covered by bedsheets, the mites go unnoticed. It makes sense to turn over your mattress once every month or so. Changing bedsheets every week is recommended. Though you may take every precaution laid down in the book, a musty bedroom will remain musty unless you address the root cause of the problem which is excess humidity.

High or low humidity can cause sickness in your house

Once I understood the main cause for my sickness around the house, I started researching the subject online. I concluded that controlling the moisture content in the air was the only permanent solution. I read that humidity is the measure of moisture content in the air. If the humidity is high for prolonged period, mold will form in your house. But high humidity is not the only problem. Even low humidity, which is low amount of moisture in the air, can cause health issues. People suffer from itching and rashes due to dry skin. Bleeding from the nose has also been noticed in people who live in dry environment. Therefore, both very high and very low humidity is to be avoided.

Can you stop getting sick in your own house?

Of course you can. The first step is to measure the moisture content in your house. Make sure that it is within safe parameters. Some houses are surrounded by huge trees and vegetation. Though such trees bring a sense of grandeur, there is sometimes a lurking danger within their fold. You must ensure that your house receives sufficient sunlight.
You must also wash and dry curtains and bedsheets at regular intervals. The floor and wall carpets can be nice places for mold to form. Mold can also be invisible to the naked eye. Getting professional advice on mold is a great idea.
Sometimes damp and humid weather may be causing problems for you in your house. You must be more careful in such weather when mold forms more easily. And don’t forget that extra dry air can also cause health problems. The best way to ensure good health in your house is to maintain optimum humidity.

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