The Ultimate Beauty Bible: How to Fight Dry Skin on Your Face like a Pro

Learn about dry skin on your face -

and how to fight it!

As modern it girls always say, “beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare.”--or at least, that’s what they say on advertisements. But what if hoarding on beauty products still isn’t enough to give your skin the moisture it needs? Here’s why and how to get rid of dry skin on face.

First, Let’s Classify the Levels of Skin Dryness

Skin dryness, especially on the face, can become extremely uncomfortable and frustrating, not to mention, unsightly.

Worse, when left untreated, your skin doesn’t just stop at drying out--it continues to aggravate until you’re faced with bigger skin problems, including infection. Why? Think of it this way: dry skin is like dry soil. As it cracks from dryness, it becomes open to pathogens that eventually make you vulnerable to infection.  

To better address your skin’s specific condition, here are some of the signs that set regular and extreme skin dryness apart:

dry skin on face

Dry Skin

Unless you were born with dry skin (no thanks to grandma and grandpa), the first stages of dryness can be caused by several factors including aging, weather, and bathing habits. Initially, your skin experiences either or a combination of the two:

  • Skin roughness and tightness

Extremely Dry Skin

Extreme skin dryness, on the other hand, isn’t always triggered by a poor skin care routine. Often times, it is caused by an underlying medical condition such as eczema, psoriasis, malnutrition, and hypothyroidism. As your skin turns very dry, you may notice some of these signs:  

  • Scaling

  • Chapped lips

  • Itchiness

  • Extreme tightness

  • Take Away: By learning to differentiate between the two, you’d know how to get rid of dry skin on face without ruling out the possibility of a major skin problem. Psoriasis, for instance, cannot be treated by simply moisturizing your skin. It requires a specific approach, which usually includes medication and lifestyle change.

How to Prevent Dry Skin on Face

Prevention is always better than cure, but in this case, learning what causes dry skin on face is the first and the most critical part of looking for a “cure”. If you are lucky enough not to be diagnosed with any serious skin condition, below are some of the possible factors that trigger facial skin dryness:

Dry, Cold Air

Winter is exciting when you think about getting all wrapped up with designer coats and leather boots, but the question is, is your skin prepared for it? As the cold winter months draw closer, the humidity levels drop, causing dry air to circulate both outdoors and indoors. This dryness causes the water in your skin to evaporate quicker than it should, causing skin dryness and tightness.  

The Solution: How to prevent dry skin on face during winter? Simple. Use a humidifier in areas in your home where you spend most of your time. A humidifier helps bring back moisture to the air, preventing facial dryness.

Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight

Okay. Let’s not blame it all on winter. Sometimes, going out on long summer trips can also add up to skin dryness. How? When you bask under the sun for extended periods of time, your skin becomes prone to premature aging, which causes skin dryness.

The Solution: Protect your skin from harmful UV rays by properly applying SPF on your face and on exposed parts of your body 30 minutes before sun exposure. Also, don’t forget to reapply SPF 2 hours after every application.

Bathing Habits

Ever wondered why your skin feels drier than it was before you took your well-deserved bath? Believe it or not, singing in the hot shower for 30 minutes or so can cause skin dryness. Hot water strips off the skin’s natural oils. When paired with a soap that contains harsh chemicals, your skin is left with no chance of fighting against dryness.

The Solution: Use lukewarm water, invest in mild soaps, and limit your bathing time to around 10 minutes.

Skin Care Products

Who doesn’t love shopping for skincare products? Hoard if you must, but if you really care about your skin, you should always choose quality over quantity. Not all products are created equal, and one product may not always interact well with others. Sometimes, the more products you put on your face, the more likely you are to suffer from adverse skin reactions like dryness, redness, or puffiness.

The Solution: Read the labels and always be vigilant in looking for products that don’t contain harsh chemicals like retinoids, alpha hydroxy acids, and alcohol.

Additionally, finding moisture-retaining products that contain silicone surfactants, lanolin, or polyethylene glycol is one of the best ways on how to get rid of dry skin on face.

Lack of Moisture

So what causes dry skin on face aside from these factors? No matter how mild your soap and facial wash are, they aren’t enough to moisturize your skin, especially if you are 1) aging, 2) born with dry skin, or 3) suffering from a hormonal imbalance due to pregnancy or menopause. Add to that, once the skin becomes exposed to other external factors such as smoke and pollution, it becomes more vulnerable to drying out.

The Solution: How to prevent dry skin on face despite all these? Use a moisturizer ideal for your skin type and stay religious on your skincare routine.

To Sum Up

There are no hard and fast rules on how to get rid of dry skin on face because skin types and environmental conditions always differ from one person to another. The good news: Once you pinpoint what causes dry skin on face, you can create a personalized approach that targets the root of your problem.

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