5 Easy Ways to Air Out a Room

How to Air Out a Room: 5 Easy Ways

No one likes coming home to a stuffy, musty room. It smells bad, it feels stuffy and humid inside, and the impure air quality combined with the humidity is the perfect environment for gross things like mold and mildew to grow in. This is why knowing how to air out a room properly is so important.

Airing out a room is not something that can usually be done in just an hour, so be prepared to be patient when going to air yours out. You’re going to need to get some airflow and ventilation going in the room so that the old, musty air inside of it can escape and some new, fresh air can filter its way in.

In this article, I’ll be walking you through five easy ways to air out a room so that you can get your room back to smelling fresh and not so musty in no time.

How to Air Out a Room - Our Five Methods

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​Open Windows and Doors

One of the easiest ways to air out a room is to open the windows and doors in it to get some fresh air flowing through. When you always have the door to a room closed, it locks all of that stuffy, musty air inside. Opening up the door to your room and keeping it open as much as possible will prevent that musty air from becoming trapped inside the room again once you’ve gotten it aired out, as well as keep some air flow from the rest of the house coming into the room.

If the room has windows, open those up too and keep them open for at least an entire day. Only opening up the windows in a room for an hour or less will help a little bit, but if you want to completely air out a room, leaving the windows open for longer will be more effective. Of course, this method won’t work for rooms that don’t have windows. In that case, just be sure to at least keep the door to the room open as often as possible.

This method may also not be ideal in the winter when it’s colder out. In this case, still open up a window at least for as long as you can stand to have it open before it gets too cold, even if only for an hour. It may not be as effective as leaving the window open for longer, but it will at least give that stuffy air a chance to escape out the window and be replaced with fresh air from outside.


​Turn On Your A/C

Another great way to air out a room is to turn on either the central air conditioning or window air conditioner depending on which one you have. Turning on the air conditioning in the room will get the air flow moving which will help that stuffy air leave the room. This is another method that may not be ideal in the colder winter months, but it is a very effective method if it’s a little bit warmer out.


​Turn On a Fan

I know that not everyone has an air conditioning system at home, but don’t worry; there’s something that you can do that has the same effect as turning on the air conditioning. If you turn on a fan, preferably a rotating one, inside of your room, it will get the air flow moving the same way that turning on the air conditioning would.

Turning on a fan while the windows are open is even more effective too. Doing this will help create a bigger breeze and get your room aired out quicker than if you were only doing one or the other.

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​Turn on a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will remove any excess moisture and humidity that has developed in the air in your room, so turning on one of these will help air out the room as well. When a room is too humid, it creates the perfect environment for things like mold, dust mites, and mildew to grow and live in. Not only will all of these things add to that musty smell that develops when a room isn’t getting enough air flow, they can also make you start feel sick or cause your allergies to act up if you have them.

This is another reason why properly airing out your room is so important. Not just for the smell that develops when a room gets stuffy but also for the health risks that come with not keeping a room properly aired out.


​Run a Ventilation Fan

The fifth and final way to air out a room is to run the ventilation fan in it. This method is really more for bathrooms and kitchens, as those are the two types of rooms where ventilation fans are most commonly found. Ventilation fans draw out stale, humid air, kind of similar to the way that a dehumidifier does.

Keeping these fans running in your bathroom or kitchen will draw out that musty air and leave the room both smelling and feeling less stuffy. It’s especially useful to have these fans on when you’re doing something like taking a hot shower in your bathroom. The moisture from the shower will make the room very humid, and since lots of bathrooms are on the smaller side and don’t have any windows, that humidity has nowhere to go and just settles in the room unless the ventilation fan is on.


Keeping your rooms properly ventilated and aired out is essential if you want to keep your room free of things like mold, mildew, and dust mites, as well as smelling fresh and not musty. Smaller rooms, especially ones without windows, can become stuffy a lot quicker than rooms that are a bit bigger, so it is especially important to take the necessary measures to keep the room aired out.

If you don’t have a window or air conditioning in your room, be sure to invest in both a van and a dehumidifier so that you can get some air flow going and suck out some of that humid, stale air. If you do have windows and/or air conditioning, be sure to utilize them. Just don’t let your room get back to that same stuffy state it was in after you’ve finished airing it out.

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