The Best Whole House Air Purifier

Over the years, the quality of air that we are breathing has become more and more polluted, which is having a major effect on the overall health of people. Even in your own home, the air that you are breathing is polluted with all sorts of gasses and particles that can cause a wide variety of illnesses. Living in urban areas is just so much worse with all the vehicles and factories that surround cities. 

Well, at least you can do something about the air quality in your home, thanks to modern day air purifiers. Unpurified air can cause havoc on your immune system and your overall health and well-being. Purified air can improve your health. Here is just a few examples of how purified air can improve your life:

  • Removes triggers that cause asthma attacks
  • Eliminates dust and pet odor that causes allergies 
  • Traps smoke from cigarettes and tobacco that can cause lung cancer
  • Protects the whole family from respiratory illnesses by providing clean air
  • Cleaner air also improves mood levels and reduces stress
  • Improves your sleep cycle resulting in better sleep

So as you can see, one can really improve their quality of health by simply adding an air purifier to their home.

Best Air Purifier for your home

We will be looking at four home air purifiers that can improve the air in your home and in the long run improve your family’s overall health. Clean air is something that everyone should have. 

So let’s have a look at the products. 

The Levoit air purifier is a great buy for your home. What makes it great is the fact that you can monitor it while you are at work, thanks to the Vesync app, which you can download onto your phone. The app tells you the immediate air quality. You can activate the air purifier right from your phone, even scheduling an air purifying session. The Alexa device can also operate your purifier with voice command.

Another great feature that this product has is the smart sensor. As soon as it detects that the air is becoming more polluted, it will adjust the fan speed. In doing so it will start cleaning more air and once it senses the air is cleaner, it will adjust again to a lower speed. You will also be able to see on the monitor the quality of the air, green being good and red being high pollution. The fan has 3 speed options. 

The purifier has a three layer system filter that removes up to 99.97% of harmful germs, dust and pollen that causes allergy reactions, asthma and so on. The purifier has a honeycomb activated carbon filter, a H13 true HEPA filter and a pre-filter, this combination has a 30% more purifying efficiency. 

It is also a great purifier to use in your bedroom as it runs quiet; so it will not disturb your sleep and the LED display screen can also be turned off, so no light will be bothering you. 


  • Weight – 15.17 pounds
  • Dimensions – 21.6 x 17.5 x 10 inches
  • Warranty – 1 Year warranty
  • Cleaning Air Power – 900sq.ft in 1 hour, 500sq.ft in 33 min, 360sq.ft in 24 min on the highest speed level
  • Filters – 3 filters
  • Filter Life – 5-7 months
  • Voice control – Yes by adding Alexa device (sold separately)

There is nothing better than breathing in clean smelling air. That is what you can expect from the Hathaspace air purifier. With the 5-in-1 purification system, the purifier removes up to 99.97% of particles that are as small as 0.3 microns. These particles are made up of pollen, dust motes, mold, pet dander & hair, smoke and even volatile organic compounds. Most of these can cause allergic reactions, sneezing, coughing and even irritate your eyes. 

Not only do these filters remove particles, the purifier also releases negatively charged ions that in their turn neutralizes and eliminates odors. Even the most stubborn of odors like cigarette smoke and mold will be completely eliminated. 

The purifier also features a sensor that monitors your air quality, which is displayed on the LED screen. Should the air quality suddenly become more polluted, it will show on the screen and the fan will switch to a higher running level until the air quality has improved, then it will run slower. When it is time to sleep, you can switch the LED screen off so no light will bother you. Likewise, the fan runs very softly, making a minimal noise. 


  • Weight – 12 pounds
  • Dimensions – 13.5 x 7 x 19.5 inches
  • Warranty – 2 Year warranty and a 60 day money back 
  • Cleaning Air Power – 700sq.ft in 1 hour
  • Filters – 4 filters
  • Filter Life – 4 Months
  • Remote control – Yes (Remote included)

A more heavy duty air purifier would be the Alen BreathSmart, designed especially for large rooms and open concept homes. Another great feature is that this purifier was designed to run continuously, so it has an auto mode cleaning setting, which will adjust according to the air pollution. So it will be cleaning the air in your home or room without you needing to check on it. 

The HEPA filters are also designed so that they remove 99.97% of particles up to the size of 0.3 microns. These particles include dust, pollen, fur, allergens, household odors. The HEPA-Silver filter will eliminate antimicrobial compounds that can include bacteria, fungi and viruses. The purifier also has a sensor that monitors the air quality at all times and will adjust accordingly, so you don’t need to do that. 

The purifier works great for your bedroom as it is very quiet, the WhisperMac makes it ideal to be used in your bedroom. The purifier produces a pink noise that will promote a better and deeper sleep for you and your family. The light on the purifier also switches off, so that won’t bother you. 

And should you be someone that really loves style and everything fitting together, you can choose different color panels, so the purifier can fit in or stand out. 


  • Weight – 21 pounds
  • Dimensions – 10 x 17.75 x 26.75 inches
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty 
  • Cleaning Air Power – 1100sq.ft in 30 minutes
  • Filters – 4 filters
  • Filter Life – 9-12 Months
  • Remote control – No

Looking for a purifier that will work great in smaller to medium size rooms, the Bluair Classic 280i, will be a great option. The dual filter system with the activated coconut carbon, will remove up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants, such as dust, pollen, mold, pet dander & odour, gas, and smoke. You don’t need to use any other chemicals to remove them. With no need for other chemicals and with all air particles removed, asthma and other respiratory illnesses will become less. 

Also fitted with air quality sensors that will monitor the air quality and adjust the purification settings accordingly, when on the auto mode setting. So you don’t have to adjust it all the time. On the control panel you will also be able to see the quality or the air in real time. Also on the control panel is the indicator that will notify you when it is time to change the filter. 

When night time comes you have a setting for night mode, no lights will be bothering you and the purifier will be silent, so it won’t be interrupting your sleep. 


  • Weight – 30.6 pounds
  • Dimensions – 25.1 x 20.2 x 12.6 inches
  • Warranty – 5 Year limited warranty 
  • Cleaning Air Power – 280sq.ft in 20min (Larger models available in the series for larger rooms)
  • Filters – 1 filter
  • Filter Life – 6 Months
  • Remote control – Yes, Bluair friend app and Alexa compatible (Sold separately)

Buyer’s Guide

So, we can all agree that clean air has so many health benefits for you in the long run. Therefore, you should definitely consider getting yourself an air purifier or two. We had a look at purifiers that will work great for large rooms and small to medium rooms. Some even have the option to be operated via app that can be downloaded to your phone or even with voice command. 

Do you want a purifier that is a bit more high maintenance in the department of changing filters often? Or would you prefer a purifier that can go for quite some time before it is due to replace filters?

So with this buyer’s guide, I am sure that you now have a perfect idea for which air purifier will work best for you and your needs. If you really want to make an improvement in your health and your families health, an air purifier will definitely be a good investment in the long run.

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