Best Nebulizing Diffusers

The 3 Best Nebulizing Diffusers in 2020

Aromatherapy offers a great many health benefits. Diffusing and inhaling scented oils can help you calm your senses, enhance your energy levels, and help you cope with medical conditions such as depression. 

These fragrances are also wonderful for making your home or office smell terrific.

If you have been shopping for the best nebulizing diffuser then you have come to the right place. 

Right now we are going to have a quick look at some of the best nebulizing diffusers on the market. 

The 3 Best Nebuli​​​​zing Diffusers to Buy Right Now

Essential oil diffusers vary quite a lot in size and design. Some diffuse essential oils into the air by diluting it with water before vaporizing. Others require you to add droplets of essential oils to mineral salt before warming the essential oils using a tea candle to allow the scents to diffuse. 

Out of all these different types, nebulizing diffusers are the best because they don’t require any water or heat to diffuse essential oils. Instead, these diffusers use an air pump to vaporize the essential oils into microscopic droplets that you can inhale with ease. The scents produced by these diffusers are much richer and the essential oils are not damaged or diluted in any way. Nebulizing diffusers are the purest and best way to enjoy your essential oils. 

Here is a quick look at the top three diffusers to buy right now.

This diffuser is a terrific pick for those who love art and products that are handcrafted from the most authentic materials. These diffusers are hand blown with lots of unique designs to choose from.

It is also perfect for aromatherapy since it does not contaminate your essential oils with exposure to plastic, water, or heat. The oils are diffused using an air compressor, and the result is rich fragrances that are sharp and in their purest form.

The diffuser has a 10-minute cycle and will turn on and off every 10 minutes. It also switches off automatically after 4 hours so you can even use it at night without any risk of the device burning out.  


  • Weight – 1lbs
  • Size – 10 x 4 x 4”
  • Color – Clear and wood
  • Main materials – Glass and natural timber
  • LED light – None
  • Type – Waterless and heat free 
  • Room size – Suitable for 30’ x 30’ area
  • Auto shut-off – After 4 hours
  • Cycle – Turns on and off every 10 minutes


  • The design of the Aromis diffusers is beautiful
  • There are 12 interesting designs to choose from

  • Your oils won’t be exposed to any plastic

  • The diffuser doesn’t dilute essential oils in water

  • The diffuser doesn’t use heat that can destroy the scents

  • It is a practical device for a relatively large room

  • The auto shut off is extended to 4 hours

  • The 10 minute cycle is practical for most people


  • The diffuser doesn’t have an LED light

  • Some do feel that the auto-off after 4 hours is a bit long

This diffuser by Tomnew is the perfect budget pick if you need something affordable, beautiful, and functional. Tomnew offers seven different diffuser designs to choose from, and they are all beautiful. 

These diffusers also come with an LED light and several different colors.

The diffuser is very quiet and perfect for diffusing essential oils since it doesn’t use water or heat to produce vapors. 

The device has a long cycle. It turns on for 10 minutes and off for 20 minutes before turning back on again. It also has a 2-hour auto-off function to ensure your safety. 


  • Weight – 1.7lbs
  • Size – 78 x 192mm
  • Color – Clear and wood
  • Main materials – Glass and natural timber
  • LED light – 7 different colors
  • Type – Waterless, heat and plastic free
  • Auto shut-off – After 2 hours
  • Cycle – Turns on for 10 minutes and off for 20 minutes
  • Noise level – below 30db


  • The diffuser is affordable
  • The design of the Tomenew diffusers are all beautiful
  • You can choose from 7 different designs
  • Your oils are never exposed to plastic
  • The oils are not diluted in water
  • Heat isn’t use for diffusing and cannot burn your oils
  • The machine automatically switches off after 2 hours
  • The LED light has 7 different colors to choose from
  • The 10minute on, 20 minute off cycle is perfect for most aromatherapy users
  • The device is nice and quiet


    • Some do feel that the auto off after 2 hours is annoying and would prefer it to stay on

If you prefer a diffuser with a short cycle, then this device by Organic Aromas is a great pick. 

The diffuser has the shortest cycle out of our picks. It turns on for two minutes and off for one minute before turning back on again. This ensures that your office or home will receive a steady stream of divine fragrances until the machine automatically switches off after two hours.

The diffuser also looks great and doesn’t expose your essential oils to water, heat, or plastic. 

The fragrances this device produces are rich, pure, and extremely good for your health. 

The diffuser also has a built-in LED light with rainbow colors. You can choose to switch the lights on or off, and you have full control over the light cycle duration. 


  • Weight – 1.65lbs
  • Size – 5 x 9”
  • Color – Clear and wood
  • Main materials – Glass and natural wood
  • LED light – Rainbow colors but can be turned off
  • Type – Waterless, no heat and no plastic
  • Auto shut-off – 2 hours
  • Cycle – 2 minutes on, 1 minute off


  • The diffuser is beautiful
  • You can get it in neutral or black base
  • The LED light offers rainbow colors but can also be turned off
  • Your oils won’t be exposed to plastic
  • Your oils won’t be diluted by water
  • Heat is not used in this device and cannot damage your oils
  • It automatically switches off after 2 hours
  • Many prefer the quick 2 minute on, 1 minute off cycle


    • Some do feel that the auto-off after 2 hours is too short
    • Some do feel that the fast on and off cycle is annoying
    • The humidifier is a bit pricey

Buying Guide

As you can see, all three of these diffusers have the same basic function. They diffuse oils into the air without the use of heat or water. If you have a tough time choosing the one that best suits your home or office then perhaps this quick guide can help you decide:

The Most Stylish

If you are shopping with aesthetic appeal in mind then the diffusers by Aromis are the best pick. They are functional with 12 gorgeous colors to choose from. These diffusers are also hand crafted and the glass bulbs are hand-blown.

The Best For Long Cycle Diffusing

If you prefer a diffuser that has a long diffusing cycle then the diffusers by Aromis and Tomnew are the best picks. These have longer cycles that range from 10 to 20 minutes on/off. The Aromis is the one with the longest program and will automatically switch off after four hours.

The Best For Short Cycle Diffusing

If you prefer a diffuser that has a shorter cycle then the diffuser by Organic Aromas should be your top pick. This one has a 1 minute on, 2 minute off cycle that repeats until it automatically switches off after 2 hours.

The Budget Friendly

The Tomenew diffuser is the most affordable on our list, but is just as functional as the other two. There are also a few gorgeous styles to choose from while being affordable. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide helped you find a great diffuser, so you can enjoy all the calming and relaxing benefits that aromatherapy has to offer. And if you are looking for other superb aromatherapy advice or product,s then we welcome you to have a look at some of our other guides. 

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