Winter is known as the season you should use humidifiers because of the decreased levels of humidity.

While electronic humidifiers bring many health benefits, there are some respiratory problems which can ensue if you use these devices improperly.

The best humidifiers bring breathability and added comfort for you but can also easily become a real breeding place for bacteria, mildew and dangerous mold without the right cleaning regimen.

If you clean humidifiers incorrectly, these devices can expel microorganisms into your house along with the water steam. The cool mist and ultrasonic humidifiers are particularly notorious for this dangerous side effect. Some people may make the machine work out OK and buy an air purifier to solve this problem but they can entirely avoid it by cleaning following a regular schedule.

Small Portable Humidifiers

  • You should clean small portable humidifiers daily

Some people often opt to buy small humidifiers instead of large ones for the whole house. These smaller devices typically have tanks with a capacity of up to five gallons. To correctly clean these humidifiers, empty the tank every day then simply clean the surfaces and dry with clean towels. You should refill the container with fresh water so that the steam is clean and safe.

  • You should sanitize small portable humidifiers weekly

Once a week, leave the water tank of your humidifier empty and prepare a cleaning combination of one teaspoon of bleach for each gallon of the water. You must allow this combination to sit then soak for around 20 minutes. Ensure you work this mixture into crevices and cracks to sufficiently kill all bacteria or mold that can be hidingf. After a long period of use, you can see mineral deposits settling on the washbasin. Carefully check for crusty deposits then gently scrub with a soft brush using the 50/50 combination of water and vinegar to clean buildup

Large humidifiers

You should clean large humidifiers at least once bi-weekly

If the humidifier has a capacity of about 5 gallons or more, it’s an irritating inconvenience that you need to clean it once a week. You can get away with cleaning less often, however. Ensure you dry the water tank and sanitize the humidifier at least once weekly. If you install a large humidifier for the whole house, you have to spend more time for additional care to sanitize and clean several times during the winter.

If you or your family members have asthma symptoms or are very sensitive to the airborne allergies, it’s better that you adjust to a frequent schedule of cleaning. However, take safety precautions and always make certain that your electric supply has to be cut off prior to cleaning the humidifier.

Humidifiers are a big help for keeping the home a healthy place for you and your family, especially for seniors and babies. If you use a humidifier, you have to take a good care for the machine for optimum efficiency. If you are planning to buy one, pay attention the cleaning instructions and required maintenance before making any payment.


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