It can be highly beneficial for your baby to sleep with a humidifier in their room.

Just as these devices help you to keep your skin well moisturized, the help your nasal passages and your airway stay properly humid, and to allow you to breath more easily and comfortably at night, your baby is likely to experience all of these benefits as well.


Once you have decided to put a humidifier in your baby’s nursery room, the next question ¿ many parents ask is how close the humidifier should be to the baby?  Is it safe to have it close to the baby’s bed? Is it effective to have it across the room? There are a few things to consider when answering the question of where to place a humidifier in your baby’s room:


Does your humidifier emit cool mist, warm mist, or hot steam?

Generally warm mist humidifiers will not affect your baby much, but cold mist may reduce the air temperature just slightly around the area the mist is released. Hot steam, on the other hand, can be dangerously warm if it touches your babies skin. For this reason, it’s best to place cool mist or steam humidifiers farther away from your baby’s bed.

This applies to freestanding humidifiers as well as tabletop humidifiers, seeing as both produce steam or mist that will be likely to reach the level of your sleeping child in their crib or bed.

babyiconSome children are much more relaxed while others are highly adventurous. If you have a child that loves to climb around, explore, and play with everything they can reach than you will need to ensure you have a tabletop humidifier that is far beyond their reach. It is not safe to have a humidifier where your child can play with it, as there are usually many moving parts, some heating elements (with steam humidifiers), and other pieces th;’at might harm your baby.

Freestanding humidifiers and lower tabletop humidifiers are appropriate if your baby is less likely to play with the machinery. Safety is a top priority, which is why you need to make sure you have an appropriate space somewhere in the child’s room to make things easier for yourself.


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You can see a cloud of mist or steam coming out from your humidifier. Where does this moisture cloud end up? If you can still feel the moisture enough to get droplets on your hands or a wet feeling on your hand anywhere near the baby’s crib or bed than you are have probably placed the humidifier too close.

It’s not a good idea to have your child getting wet during the night, as this might cause health problems for them. Don’t allow the actual moisture cloud from the humidifier to be touching your child, as this is unnecessary for them to experience the positive effects. Even if you have the device at the opposite end of the room, your baby will still be able to breathe in the wonderfully humidified air.


No one place in a baby’s room is ideal for all parents. The best advice you can get is to avoid having the moisture cloud falling too close to the child, to keep the device out of reach of babies, and to think about how your specific device needs to be set up.

Some families choose to get whole house humidifiers to make everything simpler and spread the benefits of humid air around every room rather than just the baby’s room.


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