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♦What’s the difference between a whole house humidifier and a portable humidifier?

In the winter, when you have your heating on, it’s important to make sure that your house is also properly humidified as dry air can result in respiratory problems, nosebleeds, dry skin and exacerbate respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma.

Dry air also leeches the moisture out of wooden items such as hardwood floors, pianos, antique furniture and other woodwork. This can result in the wood splitting or cracking which can be extremely expensive to repair. As a result, it’s advisable to run your humidifier when you run your heater so make sure that you maintain the appropriate humidity level.

There are two different types of humidifier: whole-house units, or portable ones :

  • Whole-house humidifiers are generally units you can install in your house and integrate with your heating or blower system. They draw waVectorter internally from your water supply and blow warmed air over the water.

One of the greatest benefits of a whole-house humidifier is that, once it is set up, it requires little to no maintenance and can regulate the humidity of your whole house.

Since the humidifier works by taking water from your water system as it’s required, you will not have any issues with it running out of water unless you have a problem with your plumbing system. It is also extremely quiet and very economical to operate.

Because they require installation, you will not be able to use a whole-house humidifier right away. However, this shouldn’t be a problem because they are relatively easy to set up and the setup can be done as regular home DIY work. Mineral deposits can also build up depending on the water quality and these will need to be cleaned off each season before the minerals harden.

  • By contrast, a portable humidifier is a freestanding machine that has a water tank and connects into an ordinary electrical outlet. They vary in size and can humidify from one room to several rooms (depending on the power of the unit). They are convenient and can provide humidification where you want it but can be more costly than whole-house humidifiers as they have to provide their own heat and air propulsion methods. They are also potentially noisy — some can be noisier than an air conditioner — and they require more frequent maintenance than a whole house humidifier. You will need to check and refill the water tank on a regular basis since when the tank is empty the unit cannot humidify the space. Although most models have removable tanks, some of the larger versions will need you to pour water into it directly.


Dry, stale air in our homes is never a desirable condition. With this Aprilaire 700 Whole House Humidifier, low humidity in your home is not a problem.

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The Aprilaire 700 is designed to keep the air humidified in a well-constructed home up to 4,200 square feet. When compared to other units of equal capacity, the Aprilaire 700 delivers up to 50 percent more moisture into the air inside your home. With an evaporation rate of 0.75 gallons per hour, the Aprilaire easily surpasses its closest competitor.

»» As with any type of equipment designed to improve the quality of our living space, there are good points and there are some not-so-good points. A few of the pros and cons are listed here:


Description and Features

  • The Aprilaire 700 Whole House Humidifier is a solid piece of equipment that can perform up to the level described in its promotions. Its suitability for your specific home will depend on the type of ductwork you have as well as the size of your home and its general construction. The Aprilaire 700 is a compact unit, measuring only 16 x 11 x 18 inches and weighing in at only 15.8 pounds.
  • Digital control allows you to precisely set the amount of humidification the unit will provide. The backlit LED screen features large numbers for easy reading and a simple dial to easily adjust to your desired level. The quiet performance means you won’t have to adjust the volume on your TV when the unit kicks on, and it won’t interfere with normal conversations when you have guests in.
  • Simple yearly maintenance is all that’s needed to keep the unit running smoothly for years to come. According to the manufacturer, the Aprilaire 700 humidifier’s annual maintenance checklist consists of replacing the humidifier filter, or water panel evaporator, and washing out the pad frame and water distribution tray.
  • For a home do-it-yourself novice, installation may be an issue. The unit does not come with an installation kit per se, so additional installation parts may be needed. Items such as the specific size and length drainage tube, water supply hookup tubing, and duct sealant or sealant tape may need to be obtained at your local hardware store before installing the unit. It does come with a water supply saddle.


♥ Conclusion

If your home is suffering the effects of low humidity, correct the problem easily and efficiently with the Aprilaire 700 Whole House Humidifier with Automatic Digital Control. Installation can be done with or without professional assistance, depending on your level of comfort with do-it-yourself home improvements. Within a few hours, you can have the Aprilaire 700 installed and running, allowing you to enjoy the feel of properly humidified air in your home.


If the atmosphere in the rooms in your home or in your office is very dry and you are looking for a humidifier to keep it moist, one product in the market that you should consider buying is Aprilaire 500 Humidifier with automatic digital control.

⇒ This product is strongly created and equipped with lots of features which explain why it is highly rated among consumers in many online retail stores.

The 500A model of Aprilaire is an option for people whose home is about 3000 sq.ft. Before you can make up your mind whether to buy this product or not, it is advisable that you first read about its features.


Aprilaire 50A is a corded humidifier meaning that it is powered by electricity. This implies that it can only be used in places where there is electricity. As mentioned above, it is created and equipped with lots of features which give it an edge over other products in the market. Given its impressive features, it is able to deliver awesome performance.


If ease-of-use is a defining feature of your ideal humidifier then this product will meet your requirements. It is very easy to use once it is installed because it is an automatic digital controlled unit. You can use any function you like just at the press of a button. The product is meant to be connected to the furnace. So, you can only buy this product if you have a furnace. It has an alluring humidity readout. The feature makes it easy for users to adjust the performance of the unit when they like.


Aprilaire 50A is available in a lightweight design. The product has a weight of 7.4 pounds which any adult can easily lift and carry from one place to another. It has 16x11x13 inches dimension. Its moderate dimension and lightweight design makes moving it very easy. If you are moving house or you want to take your humidity to another place, you will not require extra hand to help you carry it to where you will want to have it connected.

looking for a humidifier


Definitely, you will not like to buy a humidifier that will consume lots of energy increasing your electricity bill. This is exactly what you will get from Aprilaire 50A. Equipped with a 110V to 24V, this product does not consume much energy.


In fact, a consumer in Amazon was not happy that he spent more on the connection fee than on the purchase fee. Besides, the connection diagram in the user manual can be confusing. But this does not mean that you cannot do-it-yourself.


Aprilaire 50A may be a solution to the dry air in your indoor environment. It is equipped with awesome features that work together to deliver impressive performance. It works automatically. With its thermostat, it can keep the humidity of your home under control. When it is time for you to buy a humidifier, you should check on Amazon. There are wide selection of humidifiers in Amazon. Click on the link here to take advantage of the offer.

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